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      1.  Recruitment

        Job Description of Chairman Assistant:
        1, the overall coordination between the chairman and all departments’ working affairs, understand and follow all departments business situation, to provide analysis and suggestions for improvement, to provide advice and support for decision-making;
        2, collecting, sorting and analysis of macro policy, economic development, industrial policy and industry development trends; According to the analysis and suggestion report as requested ;
        3, responsible for the department/center stage of the work plan, business plan, sales strategy, capital operation to follow up, implementation and feedback to the chairman of the board of directors;
        4, assist the chairman to deal with the major problems in company's daily operations, follow up the chairman assigned by chairman and timely feedback.
        5, assist the chairman to arrange every executive meeting schedule and agenda, writing and follow up the implementation of high-level meeting, subject, companies such as meeting minutes.
        6, assist to complete each objective management coordination, chairman directly responsible for chairman.
        1, 30 years old or above, bachelor degree or above
        2 software, information, science and technology, real estate class or collectivization enterprise related work or professional background, familiar with the business development trend, operating management and workers
        As a process; Have sales in areas such as work experience is preferred;
        3, tight logic, system comprehensive analysis and judgment of overall coordination ability; Familiar with all kinds of documents, have strong ability of data collection and sorting, familiar with dong
        Long assistant work methods and procedures, and understand the company's overall management procedures, good business knowledge and experience;
        4, has the strong organization, coordination, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills and keen insight, strong judgment and decision ability, plan
        And execution ability;
        5, good team cooperation spirit, honest and reliable, decency;
        6, 5 years working experience in large enterprise senior aides, or assistant chairman of large enterprises more than three years relevant working experience.
        Job Descriptions of Investment and financing manager :
        1. Participate in the financing project plan design.
        2. To know the detailed approach of investment and financing scheme with external financial institutions.
        3. Participate in financial institutions/corporate investors/channel investor relation and development, looking for the financing of capital, planning and financing projects.
        4. Participate in company and project investment and financing business, investment project selection screening and due diligence.
        5. For financing projects to promote file, or the framework agreement on related content.
        6. Participate in the negotiation and drafting the financing plan, assist to implement investment project late, execution, and promote the work.
        1. Marketing, management, finance, accounting, or related bachelor degree or above, major in economics and law.
        2. Have certain social relations and the high-end customer resources.
        3. Has the good affinity and excellent coordination skills and language ability, strong ability of organization and coordination ability and management innovation, have good personal comprehensive
        4. Quality and have good personal etiquette; Good communication skills, strain capacity, leadership and team work spirit; Good at deal with frustration and unexpected things
        5. Able to work under strong pressure; The work is earnest, careful, strong sense of responsibility.
        6. Strong customer service consciousness and good interpersonal skills, ability to maintain customer relationship.
        7. Those with working experience in investment banking is preferred.
        Fund e-product manager job descriptions:
        1, is responsible for (mobile) for the development of the Internet industry hotspot and trend analysis, the early stage of the fund product market research, product ideas and feasibility analysis of similar products market data collection;
        2, responsible for the company's funds on a commission basis, online trading system innovation ideas, function planning and design;
        3, identify and review the product of higher order demand, complete the work to guide and assist the business analyst;
        4, lead to complete product interface, function, process design, coordination of developers for development work, promoting and coordinating product development schedule, the project quality control;
        5, fully understand the user requirements, collect user feedback, analysis of user behavior and demand, the optimization of continuous product and user experience improvement;
        6, combing mobile clients, WEB side product development processes, monitor mobile product strategy, competitor (mobile), the Internet industry market research and analysis, to ensure that the product competitive advantage.
        Job requirements:
        1, the Internet, electronic commerce and related professional bachelor degree or above, 3 years working experience in industry electric business product manager; To fund the direct selling business and have a thorough understanding of the Internet, familiar with building customer demand analysis, customer experience, product planning, product design, product revisions, marketing and effect analysis;
        2, proficient in fund industry e-commerce business situation and development direction, familiar with China mobile Internet market, have relatively rich Internet operations;
        3, clear thinking, strong ability to express good inter-departmental communication and project coordination ability, be good at coordinating resources to promote the project progress;
        4, to work full of passion, a strong spirit of innovation, rich in the sense of responsibility, can work under pressure;
        5, have experience in mobile application design, development, and process knowledge is a plus;
        6, a medium size team management experience and large-scale project management experience is preferred.
        Funds manager job descriptions:
        1, to undertake various types of trust, funds, venture capital, asset management and other financial institutions of all kinds of asset management and financial investment products, provide to the company operations and sales platform to promote;
        2, responsible for product supply channel development and management, and product supply channels to maintain good relations of cooperation;
        3, cooperate with all kinds of information products online promotion;
        4, complete other work assigned by the company.
        Job requirements:
        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance or economics;
        2, two or more securities, banks, funds, trust, a new financial industry marketing, project development work experience, good channel development and management ability;
        3, with banking business and personal business experience, brokerage business management experience, fund and trust company sales experience, third financial companies and other financial industry experience and outstanding performance is preferred.
        4, have good communication skills, coordination ability and project follow-up ability;
        5, have a good team spirit, a strong sense of development, with a noble professional accomplishment, to take the initiative to work, can withstand the pressure.
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